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At Butler Area School District, we did extensive research among parents, students, teachers and community members before launching a new website in June 2018. 
We first conducted a community communication survey and used the feedback from that survey to seek out website providers that could match the features and functionality our community said they wanted. We then conducted a focus group demonstration with our top two website providers, SchoolPointe being one of them. At the conclusion of the focus group demonstration, the feedback was unanimously in favor of SchoolPointe!
After launching our new SchoolPointe website, we received positive feedback from parents and community members who love our new website design. We have also received positive feedback from employees who appreciate that the CMS is so easy to navigate. 
While we are incredibly pleased with the look and functionality of our new website, the icing on the cake has definitely been SchoolPointe’s outstanding customer service coupled with their incredibly fair pricing.
Our SchoolPointe representative has been so attentive throughout our transition. Not only does she check in, she also answers questions and resolves any issues that arise in an incredibly timely manner. Knowing SchoolPointe is always there to help has given me peace of mind through our transition. 
If your district is considering a website switch, I recommend you consider SchoolPointe. You’ll get a design you love with the functionality you need — all at an affordable price.
Kara Droney
Butler Area School District
Director of Communication