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Cherokee County
School District

Canton, GA
" questions or needs left
     unanswered or unfulfilled."

Better document support, inclusion of social media feeds, a brand new calendar interface, and the ability to add images to news stories were all important features to Cherokee County.



The task with Cherokee was to keep a similar and familiar look to their old website, while providing updates and improvements. The site was quickly redesigned, adding all the features described in the discovery phase, as well as unified icons, complete accessibility compliance, and careful attention was given to the site’s functionality on all device screen sizes, thanks to a mobile-first approach to responsive design.

During the design phase we were able to identify more areas that the site could be improved through the use of embedded videos for community engagement, updates to the way Cherokee’s Facebook and Twitter feeds would be displayed on all devices, and the addition of some extra flair through the use of slight, elegant animations on the hero gallery on their site.


What they had to say
about SchoolPointe

“We loved the look of our existing website, but needed a reputable provider that could make it easier to maintain and update.  SchoolPointe not only recreated our website to meet our every request, they also have proposed smart improvements and enhancements. Event better, the training they provide our district and school-level webmasters has been timely an thorough, with no questions or needs left unanswered or unfulfilled.”