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City Schools

Westerville, OH

The switch from an old, static website was an easy choice for Westerville City Schools. They are a flagship example of how SchoolPointe can completely update a site, while keeping things familiar to long-time users.





Westerville City Schools has been a long-standing and excellent partner to SchoolPointe. When SchoolPointe made the switch to all-responsive designs they were right there, ready to switch to an all new design. They wanted to see something similar to their old design, but made more current and modular so that they had the ability to use SchoolPointe’s CMS to easily drop content into any box they wanted on their site.  They have also been an excellent and valuable source of feedback for the design and build process at SchoolPointe. Always willing to offer new ideas and input.

SchoolPointe is proud to showcase Westerville City Schools as a features custom design. They asked, and SchoolPointe delivered on what both parties think is a great website.