Elizabethton City Schools

We are currently working through an OCR complaint on our old website (filed three weeks before we launched our new website!) and were told we have one of the most compliant websites they’ve seen. OCR said we have some of the fewest accessibility issues, and we have SchoolPointe to thank for that!

We are in the process of responding to a complaint from OCR regarding web accessibility. A year ago, we knew virtually nothing about what this entails. After reading about ADA compliance and opting to go with SchoolPointe for our CMS, we are now well-equipped to respond to the complaint and can easily update the few recommendations that OCR did make. Fortunately our complaint was filed three weeks before we launched our new websites. When we first spoke with a representative from OCR, they told us we had one of the most accessible sites they had seen. Since the claim was filed on our old site, OCR is doing due diligence by scanning our current website and making recommendations, but we have had very little work to do to meet those recommendations. It has been a huge relief to be able to respond to the complaint in this way, and we owe that to the built in ADA accesibility tools of SchoolPointe. In addition, it has been easy for our teachers and webmasters to adapt to these standards because they can scan posts for accessibility before publishing, and because they cannot publish photos without including alternative text. From the technical and the training aspect of becoming compliant, we owe a big thank you to SchoolPointe.

The three recommendations OCR made about our site were to make sure each page has a custom URL (easy!), to make sure our third party links go to accessible pages (this is somewhat out of our control, but not difficult to remedy), and to make sure our fonts and background colors are contrasting (SchoolPointe’s Text Options for Visually Impaired means we don’t have to do anything to satisfy this request!)

Campbell County Schools

SchoolPointe has not only designed an attractive, professional-looking, easy to manage website to meet our needs, they also provide continued excellent customer service.

Warren County Public Schools

From design to implementation, they have exceeded our expectations and we have received an outcry of positive feedback from our families.

Daviess County Public Schools

SchoolPointe has provided a terrific product that benefits users on both sides of the screen!

Campbellsville ISD

I am really excited that our district decided to use SchoolPointe for our web page. They worked with us to design an original, professional looking site and it was a very easy transition…

Breathitt County Schools

Their design team, training, and technical support have been excellent. They have helped us reach our goal and improve an important communication tool.

Woodlands Hills School District

Everyone at SchoolPointe has worked hard to make our new site unique, uniform and most of all user-friendly.

Lakewood City Schools

SchoolPointe has helped Lakewood City Schools improve communications between our district and students, parents, and the greater community by offering us tools that are easy to use and a design that is professional and pleasing.

Pendleton County School District

…SO excited with our new website! Every day, new information is added to our site to keep the lines of communication open and current!

Clay County Schools

I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any organization wanting to build a better website.

Kenton County Schools

…good support, tons of features, and large storage and bandwidth, all at an attractive price.

Nutley Public Schools

SchoolPointe’s design team took my design vision and worked with me to create a clean and professional layout.

Pelham City Schools

In a recent community survey, we received hundreds of positive comments about the improvements and appearance of our new site.  Thanks SchoolPointe for helping us reach our customers more effectively!

Cloverport Independent Public School District

Our new website has created a lot of energy in our district. Our students, parents, and staff really like the organization and features the design offers.

Livingston County Schools

I found SchoolPointe’s websites to be very attractive, informational, friendly and professional. I am very pleased with the tech support and features that SchoolPointe provides!

East Bernstadt Independent School

The team we worked with from SchoolPointe was absolutely great. Their quick responses to our questions and/or suggestions were top rate. We are looking forward to many more years with them.

Gallatin County Schools

SchoolPointe simply put is AMAZING! A website service that not only provides ease of use but support that is second to none.

Fort Thomas Independent Schools

Choosing SchoolPointe as our web hosting provider three years ago was one of the best decisions we have made. The software continues to evolve, adding features that make our website more and more user-friendly.

Williston School District 29

The process has been a pleasant experience and we are very pleased with the way our site looks. For visitors, the site is user-friendly and easy to maneuver from one place to the next.

Lyndhurst Schools

SchoolPointe has exceeded our expectations with their design process, ease of use, level of professionalism and superior customer service. Thank you, SchoolPointe, for helping us to revitalize our on-line presence while meeting the district’s objectives.

Boone County Schools

From the very beginning stages, the planning of our sites was well organized, communication regarding the design was clear and prompt, and SchoolPointe’s flexibility in working with us on our desire to create a new brand for our district was top notch.  Customer service and support (onsite training, phone calls, emails) has been outstanding – always conducted pleasantly and efficiently! As we put the finishing touches on our new website and prepare to go live, we cannot thank you enough for being such a pleasant partner in this work.

Tunica County School District

The transition to our new platform has been an easy one and the customer service is fantastic. Site Webmasters are finding the process of updating the website pretty easy. …The Tunica County School District has a professional looking website that is very user-friendly and definitely meets our needs.

Metcalfe County Schools

[SchoolPointe] is easy to use and each site can now develop and tailor their message for each respective audience.

Worth County Schools

Our transition to a SchoolPointe hosted site could not have been easier. The training was great, technical support is very responsive, and the site itself is extremely easy to use.

Northern Local Schools

I have been very pleased with not only the interactive role that they allow me to play in the website design, but the care they took to make certain I was happy with the product prior to launching it.