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Coronavirus Resource Guide

Does your school district have a Coronavirus communication plan?

SchoolPointe is dedicated to helping you and your district through this pandemic. The information below will help you stay informed and offers tips on how you and your district should be handling the matter. We are standing by to help if you have questions or would like to set up a page dedicated to the coronavirus and staying prepared. 


Online Proms, End of the Year Parties + Online Graduations

SchoolPointe has conducted a webinar discussing ideas for online proms, end of the year parties, and online graduation.

We will help you with steps to help with next year’s e-learning and/or blended learning. Other topics include how to track your success and craft the right message and send to the right people.

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SchoolPointe is providing your district with informational webinars regarding effective communication strategies and online learning tools during this time.

We think it’s time to put a little FUN in functionality. For the next 19 school days, SchoolPointe will be posting Helpful Videos for your district during this time all 19 minutes or less in length.


View our Coronavirus E-Book

Our staff has been working to gather resources for your district in response to this virus. Conveniently located in one downloadable guide, an emergency checklist, announcementS and communication examples are included to help you with your district.


Other Helpful Resources & Links: