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Coronavirus Resource Guide

Does your school district have a Coronavirus communication plan?

Wondering how to handle the Coronavirus within your school district? The information below will help you stay informed and offers tips on how you and your district should be handling the matter. SchoolPointe’s staff is standing by to help if you have questions or would like to set up a page dedicated to the coronavirus and staying prepared. 

For more help or information, contact us now at 866-545-2549.


View our most recent webinar today to learn more about implementing your crisis communication plan

In response to all of the new state-wide school closures, SchoolPointe is working to prepare communication strategies during this time. We will be conducting webinars throughout the next few weeks to help with the changes and issues or concerns your school district may be facing.



View our Coronavirus E-Book

Our staff has been working to gather resources for your district in response to this virus. Conveniently located in one downloadable guide, an emergency checklist, announcementS and communication examples are included to help you with your district.



Knowledge is Power. SchoolPointe has many of the necessary tools that your school district can be using to communicate with your students.

Whether it’s proper hygiene, safety checklists, or updating teacher pages, we are working around the clock to make sure you have the necessary tools to get you through this challenging time.

Other Helpful News Articles:

3 Ways to Avoid Panic over Coronavirus School Communications

It’s spreading. Not just the virus, but the public buzz around what to do about it. The Coronavirus COVID-19 has breached our borders and is showing up in a school district near you. So as the medical researchers scramble to develop protocols and a vaccine, are you scrambling to communicate with your school community?

4 Coronavirus Talking Points Every School Can Use Right Now

We’ve been asked by Campus Suite to share our school crisis PR expertise. So here’s some (no charge) advice from the Donovan Group on how schools can hit the ground running in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Excerpted from the Donovan Group Coronavirus Communication page, where you can also find a link to customizable templates.

Coronavirus School Communication Tips Checklist

The spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 across the oceans and now into the continental U.S. has created an epidemic of reactions: mild concern, conspiracy speculation, panic, market corrections and perhaps even overreaction in some cases. But when it comes to your school district, being calm, organized and prepared in your risk communications will have positive effects on your school community relations.

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