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Keeping your design current, is as important to your school district, as any communication tool. Having a modern and updated website is vital to your district’s success. We’ve broken down the design trends within the industry. Here you will see a few of our most successful websites and how they dominate the design world in 2020.  

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Society is ever changing and technology is evolving daily.

Whether it’s clothing, television shows, shoes, or web designs, what may be trending now could be obsolete in a few months. Throughout history, humanity has witnessed and experienced drastic changes in everyday life. Few can compare to the rapid growth within the technology industry (just think, not so long ago, the devices you’re using to read this weren’t readily available to the average consumer). 

What is 2020’s hot ticket when it comes to website design? Less truly is more. Simple and clean layouts are what many industries are striving for. Here are a few words that come to mind when thinking about our current trends:

    • Intentional

    • Functional

    • Condensed

    • Interactive

Let’s dive into the world of one of our SchoolPointe designers and observe how they are able to capture the current design trends and make them a functioning reality for many districts across the country!

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Full Width Layouts

Full width layouts are veterans in the design realm. What makes this so popular in the k-12 market? This style of layout allows for large photos and videos, which are preferred by school districts, mainly to feature their most valuable asset: their students.

This timeless layout isn’t going away anytime soon. If you don’t have one, now may be the time to utilize this classic format with modern flare.

When we began the design process with Wyoming City Schools, our designers worked closely with the administrative team to develop a unique look for their school. The final product is a show stopper. By utilizing the full width space of their site, they are able to neatly place content in concise sections, allowing users to navigate the site with ease. Notice how each section contains its own unique content? This is one of the main benefits of the full width-design. Their calendar piece has been a customer favorite as well. With it’s appealing aesthetic and masterful functionality, it has been the talk of the town. Your district can be a trendsetter too with SchoolPointe.

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View Wyoming City Schools here.

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Clear and Intuitive Navigation

It is necessary to have clear navigation that is above the fold. Members of your community need to know where to find the content relevant to them. This is especially important now with the rise in e-learning and constantly revised district plans. Having bold and prominent navigation allows users to find what they are looking for in a fraction of the time.

Bellevue School District needed a unique layout with clear navigation to allow members of their community to easily engage and navigate their site. As you can see, they utilize a combination of traditional navigation with drop down menus and circle icons to visually link out content as well. By keeping navigation at the top of the site, community members won’t need to look far for the content they need. The Bellevue website is one of our favorites here at SchoolPointe and we all agree that the final layout captures their personality as well as helps them highlight their vision and mission.

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View Bellevue Independent Schools here.

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Unconventional Layouts

Does your district want to stand out from the rest? Implementing a unique and unconventional layout, can give your district the touch it needs to entice a boost in enrollment. Here at SchoolPointe, we are aware that your website is a valuable marketing piece. That being said, there are no limitations with eccentric design flare here at SchoolPointe and the best part is, we work with you and your team to still ensure full ADA Compliance upon launch. 

Madison County Schools in Kentucky is a large district that wanted an unconventional look. Our designers at SchoolPointe enjoyed working with Tina Barrett, Madison County’s Technology Integration Specialist to create a brand new look for their district and unlike any other in Kentucky. Right away, you can see their use of navigation space and organic shapes. You’ll notice that shapes and movement are huge factors in modern web design: hexagons, circles and triangles oh my! Their social media grid at the bottom of the site is one way they have created something new and unique.

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View Madison County Schools here.

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White Space and Less Clutter

White space is essential. When things are too cluttered, the user can get lost, distracted and ultimately leave the website feeling frustrated. It is critical to leave space around your most important content to emphasize its importance to the user. We help you creatively use all the positive and negative space on the site, to highlight the crucial information and leave no space barren or over cluttered. Reducing clutter and unnecessary information is something to always consider.

Yorktown Independent School District’s new design is one of our more recent launches. This template is dedicated to a clean and simple layout with a lot of space. This makes for a quick and efficient user experience in which the community member can find what they need immediately. They can also use the fluid motion of the top and bottom portions, to create leading lines to important information or updates.

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View Yorktown ISD here.

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Short and Concise Copy

Let’s face it… it’s 2020 and no-one spends hours reading content anymore. People want to visit your website, get the information they need and leave. Bulleted items, icons, and links are a few popular items to help condense content on your site. Remember, less is more! 

Westerville City School District is another wonderful customer example. The design and development team paired up with Matt Davis, the Visual Communications Coordinator, to create an all-inclusive homepage that holds a plethora of information but in bite-sized pieces, enhanced with bright colors to allow the user to quickly find the item they need.

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View Westerville City Schools here.

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Interactivity and Animation

Hover and mouseover effects, animations, and reactive buttons are elements that are currently trending. Users love to interact with a website. It’s fun, innovative and makes them feel more involved. Overall, it allows an enhanced user experience for all.

Pace School is unique, as they requested movement with their site.This can be seen demonstrated, while hovering over their circle navigation. Their team wanted to have an exciting experience for their staff, students and community members alike.

Janice V. Kerrigan, Outreach Executive Assistant had this to say about her recent redesign launch with SchoolPointe:

At Pace School, we started the redesign of our website with the objective of making it a more modern looking, user friendly, and  colorful website. We had a vision and from the start, Schoolpointe, worked closely with us to make that happen. Using our written descriptions of key elements and objectives, they were able to provide the base layouts to get us started. Their expertise and ability with the process helped to build our website with improved functionality and a beautiful design in a timely manner. At Schoolpointe, they heard our suggestions, identified our needs and were able to incorporate that into the website layout we envisioned!”

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View Pace Schools here.

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After learning a little more about design trends and SchoolPointe’s recent launches, it may be time to consider a new design for your district as well! Our staff is equipped with the expertise and drive to accomplish any design goal your district is seeking. We promise to make it a simple and seamless transition for you. Our goal is to create an experience for your community that you are proud of. Are you ready for the next steps?

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