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We are a small school district with 2,500 students in upper east Tennessee.  Our students contend on a state and national level in athletics, fine arts, and academia; however, the appearance and tools on our old websites did not reflect this.  We began looking for a content management system that could deliver websites that represent who we are, help us communicate easily and ensure ADA compliance.  SchoolPointe exceeded our expectations and equipped us with tools to organize our programs and communicate better system-wide.

We are now learning how to sync our Microsoft calendars with the CMS calendars, which will revolutionize the organization in our Athletics and Counseling Departments, and more importantly at each school.  The transition to a new site has helped us identify areas for improvement in organization and communication, and it’s given us the tools to fix them all in one place.  In addition, we now offer a mobile application, websites that are responsive to mobile devices, and the ability to sync our school calendars to parents’ personal calendars.  Bells and whistles aside, we are thrilled that our websites look good, and they’re easy for people with little experience to update.

The SchoolPointe team helped us work within our budget and has been supportive through the entire process.  I have worked with the same two ladies for content transfer and multiple training sessions, and it’s nice to know I can have that relationship with a CMS provider that’s out-of-state.  Just like their product, they are reliable and the work they do makes sense. 

Bekah Price

Public Relations Coordinator

Elizabethton City Schools