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Virtually everything today operates around the internet. With that comes the increasing desire to complete tasks online or better yet, from a mobile device.  Documents that can be easily filled out online save time, are more accurate and encourage users to submit forms in a timely manner.


Formality is dedicated to your school and we are committed to our client’s success. Here are some of the commitments that we provide to you and your school.

  • Provide cost-effective forms solutions that will dramatically improve your school’s document management and submission processes.
  • Implement the latest technologies in our products that will allow your school to continue being the premier school in your area.
  • Build and strengthen a personal and business relationship with you.
  • Meet and exceed your expectations in the sales process, design process, development process, technical support and customer service.
  • Ensure all school personnel is properly trained and can utilize the system to the fullest.
  • Provide your school with web-based solutions for all your current and future needs.


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