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Fort Thomas Independent Schools

Case Study


Fort Thomas Independent Schools in Fort Thomas, KY. is the number one school district in its area. The district has a website that acts as a one-stop shop for all schools involved. It provides a way for each member of the community to connect with their school in an instant way.

“We scoured the web to find a look we wanted to simulate, and then SchoolPointe helped us personalize to meet our needs.”


For years, Fort Thomas Independent Schools worked with a company that created their original website. At the time, the company provided Forth Thomas with a promotion that made sense for the school’s budget. In 2007, however, things began to take a shift. “The next year, they were going to raise the subscription rate to be five times more than what we were paying,” said Diana Mcghee, Director of Technology and Information. “That same year (2007), we had a change in administration so we were looking for a new platform that would help us improve our web presence. Enter SchoolPointe!”

Mcghee felt that SchoolPointe could help with the school’s web presence while maintaining their budget. They were having challenges coming to an agreement with their current design company, who dropped their promotion and increased their prices. When this happened, SchoolPointe stepped in and formed a solution that worked for both us and Fort Thomas.


In 2007, SchoolPointe provided Fort Thomas Independent Schools with a content management system that was both low-cost and efficient. SchoolPointe presented Fort Thomas with custom design templates that were affordable and matched the ideas the school had. Upon the first meeting with SchoolPointe, Mcghee said she was impressed and wanted to continue working with SchoolPointe.

After months of providing Mcghee with demonstrations and input on Fort Thomas’ designs, the new website was ready to launch. The website fit the school’s themes, and also gave it a personalized touch. “We didn’t really face any true challenges with the design process,” Mcghee said. “We scoured the web to find a look we wanted to simulate, and then SchoolPointe helped us personalize to meet our needs.”

"Their support team is top notch."


Since its initial launch, Fort Thomas Independent Schools redesigned their website with SchoolPointe three times. The school was also one of the first schools to utilize SchoolPointe’s mobile app and calendar feed. “We love the new mobile app solution,” Mcghee said. The calendar feed option is also amazing…saves us so much time!”

SchoolPointe’s dedication to customer service and providing the best support possible before, during, and after the design process. “Their support team is top notch,” Mcghee said. “Any time we’ve needed to make a change, they’ve figured out a way to make it happen.”