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Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation

Case Study


Mt. Vernon Schools in Fortville, Indiana is a district that hosts award-winning schools all over the city. Its mission is to “engage, educate and empower today’s students to seize tomorrow’s opportunities.” The district’s website visually displays its mission to its community, and SchoolPointe has been apart of that journey since working with Mt. Vernon in 2014. Through communicating effectively with the district through a design process or introducing new features, SchoolPointe’s customer support team has proven to be effective and worked with the district on a new website to better support its community.

“They were excellent and extremely prompt and efficient...”


When was first brought on as an independent contractor for Mt. Vernon Schools, Maria Bond was assigned the task of rebuilding the district’s website within two weeks. Bond had searched through multiple CMS companies that could fit her needs for a website that was interactive and easy to use for the schools’ audience. After searching through over 20 platforms, she found SchoolPointe to be one of the companies that met her needs and her timeline. “I had a huge Excel chart with quotes from other companies and SchoolPointe was the perfect fit,” Bond said. “The price was a plus and everything worked to accommodate our crazy timeline.”


SchoolPointe’s web development team was able to complete a website for Mt. Vernon before Bond’s due date was met. The new website surpassed the previous design and fit within the school’s budget. Bond said the most important part of the design process was the support she had with SchoolPointe’s customer service team.

“They were excellent and extremely prompt and efficient,” Bond said. “I was shown six different websites before I made a decision and the customer service team helped every step of the way. That’s probably the main thing that keeps us with SchoolPointe.”

“The price, customer service and CMS also makes us want to work with SchoolPointe versus any competing companies.”


Since going live on its first website, Mt. Vernon Schools has been a proud customer of SchoolPointe for five years. Its website has transformed from a “simple Google site with a black background” to a website with a functional news feature display, live social media feed and recently designed their website with SchoolPointe. Mt. Vernon was also the first to implement SchoolPointe’s branded mobile app and set the standard for future schools SchoolPointe has worked with. “I like how SchoolPointe continually makes updates to its features,” Bond said. “The price, customer service and CMS also makes us want to work with SchoolPointe versus any competing companies.”